FORScan codes for the 2020 Ford Explorer

The following table lists all known modifiable settings for the 2020 Ford Explorer. Last Updated: 22JAN20

If there is something listed under the Dependancies column, it means that you must change multiple values to achieve the desired effect. The value in the Dependancies column references another Reference ID.

CAUTION: Changes to your vehicle’s settings may have unintended consequences. Only make changes you are comfortable with, and do so at your own risk.

FeatureRef. IDDependancyModuleAddressSettingsVerified
Sync Theme2322APIM7D0-01-028XXXXXXXXXZZLincoln Blackx
Boot Screen Animation1APIM7D0-02-01XXXX03XXXXZZLincoln Black Labelx
Boot Screen Animation2APIM7D0-02-01XXXX04XXXXZZLincoln Presidentialx
Boot Screen Animation3APIM7D0-02-01XXXX05XXXXZZRaptor Ford Performancex
Boot Screen Animation4APIM7D0-02-01XXXX06XXXXZZMustangx
Boot Screen Animation5APIM7D0-02-01XXXX07XXXXZZGT350x
Boot Screen Animation6APIM7D0-02-01XXXX08XXXXZZVignalex
Boot Screen Animation7APIM7D0-02-01XXXX09XXXXZZGT350x
Boot Screen Animation8APIM7D0-02-01XXXX0BXXXXZZST Ford Performancex
Boot Screen Animation9APIM7D0-02-01XXXX0CXXXXZZRS Ford Performancex
Boot Screen Animation10APIM7D0-02-01XXXX0DXXXXZZGT Ford Performancex
Boot Screen Animation11APIM7D0-02-01XXXX0EXXXXZZContinentalx
Boot Screen Animation24APIM7D0-02-01XXXX0FXXXXZZNavigator [Portrait mode Available]x
Boot Screen Animation12APIM7D0-02-01XXXX10XXXXZZFord Performance [Portrait mode Available]x
Boot Screen Animation13APIM7D0-02-01XXXX11XXXXZZAviator [Portrait mode Available]x
Boot Screen Animation14APIM7D0-02-01XXXX12XXXXZZExplorer [Portrait mode Available]x
Boot Screen Animation15APIM7D0-02-01XXXX13XXXXZZCorsair [Portrait mode Available]x
Boot Screen Animation16APIM7D0-02-01XXXX14XXXXZZNautilus [Portrait mode Available]x
Boot Screen Animation17APIM7D0-02-01XXXX17XXXXZZBronco [Portrait mode Available]x
Sync Theme18APIM7D0-03-01XXXXX0XXXXZZFord Classicx
Sync Theme19APIM7D0-03-01XXXXX1XXXXZZFord Timelessx
Sync Theme20APIM7D0-03-01XXXXX2XXXXZZLincoln Timelessx
Sync Theme2223APIM7D0-03-01XXXXX2XXXXZZLincoln Blackx
Sync Theme21APIM7D0-03-01XXXXX3XXXXZZLincoln Nextx
Rear Turn Signals25BCM726-44-02X0XXXXXXXXZZLED Rear Turn Signalsx
Rear Turn Signals26BCM726-44-02X1XXXXXXXXZZIncandescent Rear Turn Signalsx
Horn Double Honk on Exit28BCM726-63-02XXX0XXXXXXZZDisable Double Honk when Fob Leaves Running Vehiclex
Horn Double Honk on Exit27BCM726-63-02XXX1XXXXXXZZEnable Double Honk when Fob Leaves Running Vehiclex
Concurrent High Beams / Fog Lights29BCM726-39-02XXX1XXXXXXZZDisabledx
Concurrent High Beams / Fog Lights30BCM726-39-02XXX0XXXXXXZZEnabledx

The above table is sorted by logical address within your vehicle. Utilize your browser’s search feature if you are looking for something specific.

If you know of a setting not reflected above, please leave a comment below and it will be added.

To download the FORScan software, please see this site.

To retrieve your factory as-built information, enter your VIN here.

To compare two (or three or four) as-built files, utilize this software.

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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for making the double honk disable public and wanted to ask if you can email me once you know how to disable stop/start.

    I would’ve posted it on the explorer forum myself but I forgot my login info so I did the next best thing and posted on the FORScan forum and I’m glad it helped you.

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