Installing LED Lights for the 2020 Ford Explorer

The 2020 Ford Explorer comes complete with almost complete LED lighting. For some odd reason, Ford decided to leave out the rear turn signal indicators, the reverse lights, and the license plate illumination lights. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy fix.

First, you need to purchase replacement lights to install. The following are the requirements for the bulbs, and the bulbs I chose to fill these roles:

Turn Signal Indicators:
– 3757-size bulbs, 27 watt maximum
Alla Lighting 3157 Amber LED Bulbs

Reverse Lights:
– 7441-size bulbs, 21 watt maximum
Alla Lighting 7441 White LED Bulbs

License Plate Illumination Lights:
– 194-size bulbs, 5 watt maximum
Alla Lighting 194 White LED Bulbs

The Explorer does detect bulb-out conditions, and LED bulbs in the turn signal position will cause this error to occur. However, there is a simple solution – make a configuration change with the software FORScan. To utilize this software, you will need an OBD interface adapter (OBDLink EX) for your Windows-based laptop. This adapter was specifically designed in conjunction with the FORScan team to ensure maximum compatibility.

Additionally, you will need to purchase the Extended License in order to make the changes necessary to remove the bulb-out notification.

Once you have the driver for the adapter and the software with Extended License installed, you will need to connect to the vehicle while the ignition is in the ON, but not running position.

Utilizing these bulbs and the FORScan software, I now have full LED lighting on the vehicle that looks outstanding and provides consistent notice to those around me on the road.

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